Webinar 'Hoe kies ik een degelijke paardentrailer' 13/10/2020 12:53 2 min

Op donderdag 29 oktober 2020 organiseert ATA (Animal Transportation Association) een webinar rond het kiezen van een goede paardentrailer en het veilig gebruik van een paardentrailer.

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Opgelet: deze webinar is wel enkel in het Engels.


Tijd en datum: donderdag 29 oktober 2020 om 13u.

Waar: de webinar is online te volgen via Zoom, u krijgt meer details na inschrijving.

Inschrijven: de webinar is kosteloos, maar u dient zich in te schrijven via volgende link.

Omschrijving webinar

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of horses are shipped annually by road, both by commercial and private vans and trailers. Most of these journeys have a happy ending, but unfortunately still too many horses and humans get injured or killed on the road. Even apparently successful journeys, on examination, reveal increased hormonal stress levels, gut microbiome changes, and respiratory challenges. Many of these accidents, injuries, and physiological changes could have been avoided by developing safer transport designs, creating international standards for van and trailer manufacturers, ensuring correct use and better maintenance of the equipment, and appropriate training of the handlers and drivers. ATA has invited specialists in those fields to discuss different aspects of horse safety during road transport and possible actions to be taken to ensure that more of our equine friends make it home safely.


Dr. Sharon Cregier

Choosing the right trailer: safe trailer design and it's effect on horse behavior

Mr. Thomas Hotchkin of Areion Equestrian

Testing the horse trailer design: crash tests with dummy horses

Mr. Les Warrington of Les Warrington Consulting

Preventive actions: correct use and maintenance of the horse trailers and training of the handlers/drivers

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue

The price for negligence: what happens when trailer safety requirements are not met

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13/10/2020 13:04
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